Ch. Imatreriever Rhythm ofthe Rain

Whelped: 19 June 2010

Sire: CH. Wembury Wit Waters Rand

Dam: Imatriever Mystic Dream

Call Name: Jackson

Jackson 17 mths old Christmas Show 2011

Jackson 17 months old

Jacksom 8 Weeks

Jackson 8 weeks old



Pedigree of “Ch. Imatriever Rhythm ofthe Rain “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

CH. Wembury Wit Waters Rand

 S. Alubyc KOH I Noor (AI) (IID)  S. Auracam B
enjamen (IMP UK)
 D. Imatriever Memphis Belle
D. Befrenja Mystique  S. CH. Wembu
ry Dakota Trail
 D. Imatriever IMA Mystery

Imatriever Mystic Dream

S. Palmgold OBI Echo  S. Palmgold Lone Piper
 D. Whispersong Dancingqueen (AI)
 D. Imatriever Pretty Inpink  S. Imatriever Riviviscence
 D. Imatriever Morning Star
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